Mayor-Elect Brandon Johnson visited our West Lakeview site.

Collaborating with the mayor’s office on early childhood initiatives can bring about positive changes and improvements in the community. It’s an opportunity for Mary Crane and the mayor’s office to work together in providing quality education and support for young children. This collaboration can help ensure that children in the community have access to the resources and opportunities they need to thrive. Read the full article here.


Children ages 6 weeks through 5 years can be enrolled at the Mary Crane Center.


Learn about our programs and support we offer for parents.


Make a donation or learn about our volunteer opportunities. Mary Crane Center needs you.


For over 100 years, Mary Crane Center has been dedicated to the comprehensive early development of children and to supporting their families through a variety of programs. Our goal is to provide quality education in a safe and diverse environment and to strengthen the bonds between children and their families. Throughout its history, Mary Crane Center has grown in order to meet the changing needs of the families we serve. Our dynamic teaching methods encourage each child to bring his or her individuality and experiences into the classroom. By identifying a child’s likes, dislikes, struggles, and strengths, teachers can enhance each child’s personal education and help them to develop the life skills they need to achieve his or her goals.


We have four Learning Centers and six partnership locations available in Chicago. Visit us today.


We accept children from the ages of six weeks through five years old. All abilities are welcome. Over ten languages are represented by our students in our classrooms.


We are dedicated to providing an environment where everyone looks after each other.


We utilize The Creative Curriculum® to serve the whole child and create a safe, nurturing environment for every child. Our programs are accredited.


We, as teachers, are dedicated to our students and hold early childhood education degrees and additional certifications for creating the best learning environments.

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Comprehensive Early Development of Children

Mary Crane had a very special visitor today—Mayor-Elect Brandon Johnson visited our West Lakeview site.

Thank you Mr. Mayor, we look forward to your leadership and the opportunity to collaborate on early childhood initiatives soon! Childcare providers love, nurture, and educate our kids each and…

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