Math + Teachers + Erikson x Fun = Success for Kids

Did you know that Mary Crane Center has partnered with the renowned Erikson Institute for many years in countless ways?  Our teachers and parents have received degrees, certifications and other professional development through the programs of Erikson.  One very special initiative Mary Crane’s teachers have engaged in is Erikson’s Early Math Collaborative.

We at Mary Crane know that aside from counting, number recognition, and naming two-dimensional shapes, math is often given little or no attention during children’s preschool years.   We also know that mathematical competence needs to be established long before middle school.  Thus, we developed the formula that equipped Mary Crane staff to ensure that every one of our kids has the opportunity to engage in the joy of math!

For the last two years, Erikson Institute’s Math Collaborative has provided Mary Crane’s teachers hands-on, experiential coaching and support to ensure that progressive and relevant math experiences are integrated into all our preschool classrooms. Some of the activities that have become our favorites include “people sort”, pattern blocks, (where children play with math concepts such as the rhombus, triangle, trapezoid, cylinder, hemisphere, and pyramid), using attributes to sort collections into sets, and subitizing.  What in the world is subitizing, you might ask?  Well, if you ask 3-year old Mario, he’ll tell you, “I can guess the number of things on the table and see and know how many there are without counting. Sometimes its orange slices, sometimes its animal toys; other times, its blocks.  But I’ve learned how to look, see and figure out the number of them.  I like playing this math game with my teacher.”

Mary Crane is so grateful to our teachers and our partnership with Erikson. Together, we are our preparing our youngest mathematicians for their success in kindergarten, grammar school and life!  We LOVE math!


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Let us accept the child in our midst as our greatest wealth and our highest responsibility.

co-founder of the
Mary Crane Center


co-founder of the
Mary Crane Center

Let us accept the child in our midst as our greatest wealth and our highest responsibility.
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