“PlayStreets” at Mary Crane Center

Mary Ruth Coffey, Executive Director, Mary Crane

Mary Crane provides amazing Early Childhood Development programs all year round for children and their families throughout Chicago.  But June through August provides a unique and special opportunity for our staff and parents to engage with each other and our neighborhoods to come together to enjoy “PlayStreets”.

At each of Mary Crane’s four Centers and for our Home Base and Partner Site Programs, we host outdoor events that include music, food, dancing – sometimes even the Jessie White Tumblers – for our kids, families and our neighbors.  These PlayStreet events are sponsored by our wonderful partner, Gads Hill.  Mary Crane has been fortunate to have this partnership for 5 years.

What is PlayStreets exactly? Well, as Chance the Rapper might say or as Chance the Snapper might emote (because he was a Chicagoan before relocating to Florida), “let’s break it down”.  “We play” – “in the streets”.  We have artists doing crafts with the kids, the lawn chairs come out, the neighbors get the grills going and the teenagers show up, look bored, but really keep an eye out for the kids. That’s what we’re talking about!

This year, Mary Crane has hosted three PlayStreets thus far – our Home Base event, our Austin event, and our Rogers Park event.  They were all remarkable!  But, no worries if you missed any of those! While we had to reschedule our Garfield Park event due to weather, we weathered that storm.  And now, we’re scheduled for this Friday, July 26!  So, come on out and join us, and know you’ll have the best time you can have in Chicago, cause the Cubs are on the road anyway.

Here’s the scoop:

Corner of Pulaski and Carroll
Friday, July 26, noon – 4:00
Great fun, unbeatable conversation, fabulous food, music and fresh air.
Join us and our incredible kids, creating the best future for Chicago!

For more information about Mary Crane, please visit www.marycrane.org.   Or, if you enjoy the old-fashioned way of communicating, call us at 773/242-2860.  We’ll answer the phone (during business hoursJ).

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Let us accept the child in our midst as our greatest wealth and our highest responsibility.

co-founder of the
Mary Crane Center


co-founder of the
Mary Crane Center

Let us accept the child in our midst as our greatest wealth and our highest responsibility.
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